Computing Without Bits!

Computing W/O Bits

At our August 18th (2pm) meeting, Brian Stuart will present:

Computing Without Bits!

Before the PDP-1, before the UNIVAC, before the ENIAC, there were differential analyzers. These analog computers solve differential equations without bits or bytes. This time, we will look at how electronic analog computers work and how they are used. Then we will see a real analog computer in action, integrated with a modern digital computer.

Brian will also be bringing the 6809 single board computer, which he just designed and built!

Next, David Greelish will give us a short slide show of highlights from the KansasFest event he just attended.

It’s all happening at the Atlanta Historical Computer Society meeting on Saturday, August 18th at 2pm, here:

Directions to Meeting @ CTL – (Use the door at the far left of the front of the church.)

With the analog computer demo, 6809 SBC, KansasFest slideshow and all of you fine folks, this should be another great event!