Highlights from our May 13, 2023 monthly meeting

Patrick Wall of the Southern-Fried Gaming Expo provided an in-person VCF SE 10.0 update. Moving to the banquet room immediately to the right of the ticket booths. Filling 50 tables with vintage tech exhibits. Sharing space with indie game developers. More about the expo at https://gameatl.com/.

Earl Baugh updated the VCF SE 10.0 speaker list. Scheduled to appear: A prominent vintage tech YouTube celebrity, Mark Tessier announcing a new replica machine, Tandy engineer Paul Schreiber, and Tim Jensen and Adam Spring about the video toaster.

David Kuder updated progress on his VGA product line for Apple II computers. Announced: An Apple IIgs VGA peripheral card and an Apple IIc Raspberry Pi Pico VGA external adapter. Available Now: ∀2 Analog, an Apple II VGA peripheral card. Selling at VCF SE 10.0. More at https://v2retrocomputing.com/.

Counted 76 days until VCF SE 10.0. See us at the Southern-Fried Gaming Expo, July 28-30 at the Marriott Renaissance Waverly. More about VCF SE 10.0 at https://vcfed.org/events/otherevents/vintage-computer-festival-southeast. More about the expo at https://gameatl.com/.

Join us at our next in-person monthly meeting Saturday, June 10. We meet from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Christ the Lord Lutheran Church