Meeting Minutes for 2018: 08/11/18

Meeting Called to Order at 2:00pm

Today’s meeting was located at Christ the Lord Lutheran Church in Lawrenceville, GA.

New Members:

  • Carson (came with Kyle Owens) – cameras and computers – NASA Huntsville
  • James – repairs old electronics – Atlanta – VCFSE – Alpharetta

Old Business:

  • VCFMW: Who’s going? David Tripp, Kyle Owens, John Pace, Alan Hightower in the yellow van; Earl Baugh and Bryan in Earl’s truck.

New Business:

  • If anyone wants one, there is a free escalator at the museum. 🙂
  • Elections for Club Officers will be held at next month’s meeting.
  • Financial update will be provided at next month’s meeting.
  • EIN for club – soon by Alan Hightower.
  • Discussed some local electronics places: TBF Electronics near the Big Chicken, Terminal Refurbishment in Douglasville, Acker Electronics.

Upcoming shows:

  • Tandy Assembly (November 10-11 in Ohio)
  • Stone Mountain HamFest (November 3-4)


  • There was no presentation scheduled for this month.


  • There were no announcements this month.

Member Projects/Show and Tell:

  • Brad Arnold brought game cabinets that he picked up.
  • Earl Baugh brought a big haul of DEC Alpha machines.
  • This month is a big “swap” meet – and exchange of stuff.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30pm