Meeting Minutes for 2019: 03/9/19

Meeting Called to Order at 2:30pm

Today’s meeting was located at Christ the Lord Lutheran Church in Lawrenceville, GA.


  • Brad Arnold
  • Mike Blake (new member)
  • Ben Bolgla
  • Michele Bolgla
  • Ben Bradley
  • Flash Corliss
  • Ed Fair
  • Steve Garrison
  • Nolan Gilmore
  • David Greelish
  • Jon Guidry (AHCS Vice-President)*
  • Alan Hightower (AHCS Treasurer)*
  • David Kuder
  • Mark Little (AHCS Secretary)
  • Sam Lysinger
  • Nick Mizgala
  • Kyle Owens
  • John Pace
  • Jennifer Pierce

*Meeting moderators

Old Business:

In Earl Baugh’s absence, updates for Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 7.0 plans were provided by Jon Guidry and Alan Hightower, with remote info from Earl:

  • Table registration is $20 per 8′ table, and all exhibits need to be submitted to the VCFed website (click here to submit immediately) by April 1.
  • The speaker area will be held in the rotunda area this year.
  • One speaker apparently confirmed so far: Douglas McIlroy, one of the original developers of UNIX at AT&T Labs in 1969.
  • The 50th Anniversary of UNIX will be represented by exhibits from Alan Hightower, Kyle Owen, and Earl Baugh.
  • The 40th Anniversary of the Texas Instruments Home Computer (TI-99/4) will be represented by exhibits from Jon Guidry (with a stock TI-99/4a running the recent home brew port of Dragon’s Lair by Mike Brent), Alan Rateliff, Mark Little, and John Pace.
  • The 40th Anniversary of the Atari 8-Bit Computers (Atari 400 and Atari 800) will be represented by exhibits from Brad Arnold and Randy Kindig (who will exhibit his midi-maze).
  • Flash Corliss is completing assembling the kits for the soldering tables (battery computer).
  • AHCS members are encouraged to reach out on social media to try and secure any other possible speakers.
  • Admission will be $15 per day, or $22 for both days. Discussion was held debating the effect the higher admission price will have on attendance.
  • Volunteers are needed for people to work the concession both days. Alan Hightower committed to organizing the concession/consignment area, and Jon Guidry said he will post a sign-up for concession volunteers on
  • Discussion was held about the t-shirt designs and colors. Michelle Bolgla assured the meeting that a final decision on the design from Earl and the colors from the poll could afford to be tabled until the April meeting without affecting the production window.

Upcoming shows:

  • No upcoming shows were discussed.

New Business:

  • There was no new business discussed.


  • There was no presentation scheduled for this month.


  • Because Christ the King Lutheran Church will be unavailable as a venue for the April 13 meeting, the meeting date was moved ahead one week to April 6.

Member Projects and Show and Tell Photos:

Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm