Meeting Minutes for 2016: 08/13/16

Meeting called to order

Old Business

Update on planning of VCF SE 5.0

  • Dates were discussed. We narrowed it down to early / Mid May
  • We will need to get date checked with Computer Museum to confirm.

Update on who will be traveling to VCF MW in Sept

  • Flash, Alan and Kyle will be traveling in the yellow Flash Van.
  • Earl and his friend Bryan will be driving up in Earl’s truck
  • David G. may be attending.

Maker Faire Update

  • Sam — No updates.
  • Additional info will be posted on yahoo group.

Any new members to sign up?

  • Dave Kuder  : Interests : XT, Apple II, VAX, Amiga : Found out about us via VCF SE.
  • Charles Carter = Interests : CS, Rocks, Amiga, RS TS-2,  Found out about us via VCF SE : Paid membership

Any close out issues from VCF SE 4.0

  • None. All should be resolved/closed.

New Business

Discuss if we’re going to make new kits for VCF SE 5.0

  • Flash and Alan designing a musical organ kit.

Discussion whether Sept Meeting should move (due to conflict with VCF MW)

  • Decided yes.
  • Initial date to 4th Saturday — Need to verify with Computer Museum.

Alan presented info and showed pictures of his trip to VCF West

  • Will add a link if Alan can make presentation/pictures available.

Who will present in Sept, Oct, Nov — Discuss and sign up.

  • Wendy to present at November – Software preservation
  • Ben will present in Jan – topic to be determined.

Marker Faire

  • We will need volunteers.
  • Sam will coordinate sign up.

Meeting adjourned.