Meeting Minutes for October 13, 2018

Meeting Called to Order at 2:00pm

Today’s meeting was located at Christ the Lord Lutheran Church in Lawrenceville, GA.


  • Brad Arnold
  • Earl Baugh
  • Ben Bradley
  • Flash Corliss
  • Ed Fair
  • Nolan Gilmore
  • Jon Guidry
  • Alan Hightower
  • Mark Little
  • Sam Lysinger
  • Rob Mitchell
  • Alex Neuman
  • Kyle Owens
  • John Pace
  • David Panetta
  • Adam Spring
  • Jose Vazquez (Lisardo)
  • Holly Vevis
  • Mauricio Vevis
  • Friend of Ben Bradley

Old Business:

Review of VCF MidWest Show, Elk Grove Village, IL September 15-16, 2018:

  • Earl Baugh described how he was able to secure a TI-99/4 (not 4A) being sold at the show for Mark Little (thanks, again, Earl!-Mark).
  • Earl Baugh and Alan Hightower also related other highlights from the show – lots of fun and some interesting acquisitions.
  • Holly and Mauricio Vevis displayed the early-1970s LSI (Lear/Siegler) ADM-3A terminal that they purchased at VCFMW. They also displayed a slideshow of the photos they took at the show.

Upcoming shows:

  • Tandy Assembly
  • Stone Mountain HamFest (November 3-4)
  • Alpharetta HamJam (morning of November 10).

New Business:

  • Alan Hightower plans to meet up with Lonnie Mimms the week after October 21 about cost for the club to use the Computer Museum of America as venue for VCFSE 7.0.
  • Alan Hightower and Earl Baugh announced that, per the online voting on the club’s Yahoo Group page, we will begin to migrate the club member mailing list into as part of synergizing the club’s online social media presence.
  • AHCS meetings will continue to be held at Christ the Lord Lutheran Church in Lawrenceville until at least mid-year 2019. Next month’s meeting will be held on November 10.


  • There was no presentation scheduled for this month.


  • Computer Museum of America Open House in November 14, 5:30pm-8pm.
  • Rob Mitchell and Eva are getting married on October 20, and frequent attendee Thomas is getting married today (October 13).

Member Projects:

  • Kyle is trying to get the original Tetris running on a PDP-11.
  • Alan Hightower is doing a project with a General Data.
  • Earl Baugh showed some of the 3D-printed Raspberry Pi and Arduino plastic and metal cases that’s he’s picked up or fabricated.
  • A friend of Ben Bradley’s brought in his Amiga 3000; it’s in bad shape but several club members were able to give him some advice about how to get it up and running again.
  • Brad Arnold brought 4 Atari 800s to the meeting to test and get working.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30pm