November’18 meeting this Saturday!

It’s that time of year again… gobble, gobble!  While there will be no free Punch n’ Pie at this November meeting – I know, more people will come if you say there will be free Punch n’ Pie – there will be plenty at the December Holiday Party next month.  But never fear… there will be plenty of festivities at this Saturday’s meeting on November 10th.  Check out the calendar links for information about the meeting location and times and the North Atlanta HamJam 2018 happening in the morning.

I’m sure there will be many treasures hauled in from both the morning’s HamJam and last weekend’s Stone Mountain HamFest.   I (Alan) will be giving an overview presentation on this website’s Word Press system and how to use it.  Hopefully we can get more folks contributing content to the site.  And there will be the usual free pile, socializing, and David’s insane project of the month.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!