Photos from the 2014 Holiday Party

The Atlanta Historical Computing Society held its annual holiday party on Saturday Dec 20, 2014. If you weren’t there you missed out. Really. It was a blast.

Ataris, Commodores, Mattel Odyssey 2, MSXs, Amiga 600, “Pongs”, Apple II, PC, Coleco, Vectrex, Mattel Handheld Football, Nintendo Entertainment System, PDP-8, and I’m sure I’m missing a couple!
We had a good cross section of game machines and computers playing games. Many of us hadn’t much time with the MSXs before this, so that was quite fun. And a Mattel Odyssey 2, you don’t see many of those anymore.
I think next time I’ll try to get everyone to load up Pacman or something so we can have all the machines running the same game at the same time. Just have to make sure to have an Atari 2600 so all the other machines can feel good about themselves. 🙂

Barbecue, pizza, subs, cake (see the accompanying photo) cookies and snacks galore!
Five hours was over just as we were getting rolling, and I think the kids could have gone on for five more hours.

Thanks to everyone who came and had some fun!
(If you have photos, please send them to Kevin or me so we can get them posted.)

Next meeting 12PM Saturday January 17th 2015.

Brad Arnold