November’s Meeting

Hi Folks, Thanks to all for the great meeting yesterday. Alan’s presentation on Retroelectronics really had a lot of meat in it,  ranging from surface-mount soldering to putting free MPU cores on $20 programmable logic chips, with free software tools. A slide show presentation is available for those who missed it. Really appreciate the folks who brought the analog and digital computers, and those who brought nice refreshments. For those whose memories for names are as bad as mine, here is a list of attendees (no particular order): David Greelish (Pres) Brad Arnold (VP) Oscar Roberts Brian Stuart (spelled right this time 🙂 Raj Wurttemberg Alan Hightower Steve Lafferty (Hope to see Keith, Ed and Scotty sometime soon –who else were we missing?) The next meeting will be our first annual swap meet on December 10! While bringing vintage computer-related stuff is encouraged, you can bring other stuff too. (Only thing is that you can’t leave it there! 😉  Also, we are opening this up to non-members for buying and selling. (Non-member sellers are asked to pre-register with David Greelish.) Hey, this is a great way to promote the club and expand our membership! I will announce this in the vintage audio and radio groups that I am aware of. (They have a similar disease.) Please let others know. Geez, there’s very little time left to promote this, so it’s urgent! Anyone have contacts with the ham groups? They do lots of computer related stuff. The more hobbyists we attract, the more goodies will be available (or the more white elephants you can ditch! 🙂  And just think, the wife will be so pleased that you’re trying to get rid of something that she won’t even notice that you are bringing more back! x-D Steve L.