Surface Mount Soldering Demonstration

On March 3rd, we get to experience a realtime “Surface Mount Soldering Demonstration” by Alan Hightower. These days, it’s getting harder to find the old through-hole components, like the ones we saw in the 1980’s.¬†Projects often require that surface mount parts be used.

They are ubiquitous in modern computers, are found in some vintage computers and are often essential in new boards to support vintage computers. Alan will be demonstrating surface mount soldering techniques which you can use at home to get results much like the modern boards you see today. The presentation will include:

  • An overview of surface mount packages and tools.
  • Demo of stencil solder paste application to a surface mount board.
  • Reflow soldering of the whole board, using hot-air and a pre-heater.
  • Soldering iron techniques for cleanup and rework.
  • Drag soldering of components, which can’t take reflow heat.

Whether you’re a DIY builder or a vintage computer enthusiast, you’re sure to be intrigued by seeing what goes on behind the curtain to make electronic boards today.