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Born in Atlanta sometime in the past. Happily married to my wifey Lizzy for 16 years and living in our cute bungalow (Honeysuckle Cottage) in East Atlanta Village since 2004. We have one cat named Iggy. Interested in computing since 1983 with purchase of my first computer, the TI-99/4a. Moved on from there to an Atari 800XL, then self-built Windows 3.1 machine after that. Computers I currently own: TI-99/4a with PEB, Speech Synthesizer, and Program Recorder; a recently acquired TI-99/4; an Atari 130XE with 1050 Floppy Drive and all of my 1980's-era 8-bit software; a recently acquired Apple 20" iMac G4 with Harman/Cardon Pro Speakers, iSight and AirPort Extreme Base Station; and a 2011 15" Apple MacBook Pro laptop. Know BASIC (both TI and Atari) and HTML backwards and forwards, and am familiar with TI Assembly (TMS9900) language. Took FORTRAN, COBOL, and PASCAL in college. Game systems I currently own: a 4-switch woody Atari VCS (2600) with about 50 game carts (mostly loose); and two Atari Lynx II consoles (one with McWill upgrade), about 60 game carts (most CIB), and all of the various Lynx accessories. Current host of the monthly Atari Lynx HandyCast podcast and the TUBE TUNES TV theme music podcast.

Mark Little

AHCS Virtual Social Every Saturday at 2:00pm!

Stop by our AHCS Virtual Social every Saturday at 2:00 PM EST!

Show off your latest vintage projects and acquisitions every Saturday at 2:00pm at our weekly AHCS Virtual Social.  Share your “back in the day” stories. Or, if you are particularly passionate about a certain machine or piece of software, ask an AHCS member about presenting a 15-minute presentation at a future Social to talk about it.  Everyone who attends the Social is also encouraged to ask anyone online for help with their current or future projects.

The official and verbose Zoom invite will be posted every week on our page here; just keep checking Eric Lyons’ messages on that page to see the invite code and passcode that will allow you to log into the next Social. And if you’re not already following the AHCS page, sign up (it’s free!) to make sure that you never miss any news about the Atlanta Historical Computing Society or about our weekly Virtual Socials!

CANCELLED: Vintage Computer Festival SouthEast 8.0

This year’s show has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please keep checking back here for future dates/details about the show in 2021.

March Meeting Cancelled; Details to Follow Later

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing global concern over the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), there will be no meeting scheduled for tomorrow, March 14, 2020. AHCS President Earl Baugh will provide details at a future date about possibly scheduling an online “meeting.” Thank you.


AHCS Meeting is This Saturday at 1pm

The next meeting of The Atlanta Historical Computing Society will be held this Saturday, March 14, 2020. We will meet at the usual time (1pm-5pm) and meeting place (Christ the Lord Lutheran Church in Lawrenceville, GA). All current and prospective Atlanta Historical Computing Society members are encouraged to attend.

The main topic of this month’s meeting will be to discuss and finalize details for this year’s Vintage Computer Festival SouthEast 8.0, to be held in partnership with the Southern Fried Gaming Expo in July.

In addition, club member Mauricio Vives will host a presentation: “Operating Vintage Arcade Circuit Boards,” in which he will draw from his experience collecting these boards., many of which will be showcased at the meeting. All attendees are encouraged to stick around after the business of the meeting has concluded (usually we’re done with business around 3pm) to enjoy Mauricio’s presentation.

See you this Saturday!

Announcing Vintage Computer Festival SouthEast 8.0!

This year, VCFSE 8.0 will be held at a NEW LOCATION:

The Marriott Renaissance Waverly
2450 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 953-4500

This year, VCFSE 8.0 will be co-located with the Southern Fried Gaming Expo
(who are sponsoring our space!). This will allow folks to enjoy two shows at the same time with LOTS of activities!!

Here are the dates and times:

Friday – July 10th, 2020
(3:00pm – Midnight)

Saturday – July 11th, 2020
(10:00am – Midnight)

Sunday – July 12th, 2020
(10:00am – 4:00pm)

More details about VCFSE 8.0 can be found HERE.

If you are planning to exhibit at this year’s VCFSE 8.0, please get the details of your exhibit submitted as soon as possible to help us promote the show.

There’s a quick link to allow you to submit your exhibit HERE.