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Computer Movie Stars

Computers which starred in classic sci-fi movies, helped to shape the dreams and perceptions of modern day computers. See your favorite Computer Movie Stars, (that’s the machines, not the wetware!) at our next Atlanta Historical Computer Society meeting on Saturday, April 28th at 2pm.

Dave, Brad and Steve are going out on a limb to present clips of their picks for the most interesting ones from classic films.

So come prepared to argue for your favorites in the lively discussion that’s sure to ensue!

Article about David Greelish

You Think You Love Apple? This Guy Has An Apple Museum In His Garage

by Julie Bort  Apr. 21, 2012, 10:11 AM on Business Insider

David Greelish loves Apple so much that for the past 20 years he’s been collecting its products — including rare items like the Lisa computer.He’s made some money on them, too. A fully functional NeXT Cube can be worth up to $1,200 these days, he says. He bought three of them for under $500. (NeXT was Steve Job’s computer company after he was ousted from Apple.)Greelish has created a name for himself among fellow computer collectors between his book, The Complete Historically Brewed, his blog  and his Classic Computing Show podcast, which features famous guests like ex-Apple CEO John Scully.”It started when I got my first Mac in December of 1989. I was taken with this weird machine. I started to dig into its history, the story of Apple, how the two Steves started the company,” he told Business Insider. From there he got into collecting other PC artifacts.He doesn’t know exactly how many items he has, but it’s enough to fill his garage.

Greelish’s garage is filled old computer hardware and software. Look for the Commodore PET, Mac G4 and iBook.

Greelish's garage is filled old computer hardware and software. Look for the Commodore PET, Mac G4 and iBook.

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David’s article on ZDNET

Why Cook should ‘Think Different’ on Apple Museum

By  | April 6, 2012, 12:01am PDT

Summary: Computer historian David Greelish thinks that Apple should build a corporate museum on its new campus. It would be a great way to celebrate the dent that Apple created in the universe.

Why Cook should 'Think Different' on Apple Museum - Jason O'GradyI thoroughly enjoyed computer historian David Greelish’s post about why Apple should build a corporate museum at its new campus and I agree with his premise.

Apple needs to build a public museum to celebrate its past and present. It also needs to create a dedicated public space at the new campus. A space where visitors can spend a couple of hours learning more about the company they respect, and about the past products and leadership which brought Apple to the here and now. A wonderful place for visitors to relax and learn about Apple’s exciting past, while standing in the exciting present, and future of the company.

If you’ve ever visited The Mother Ship in Cupertino (on anything other than official business, that is) you may have left disappointed. Short of taking some photos of the sign out front and visiting the outmoded Company Store there really isn’t much for a visitor to see or do at 1 Infinite Loop.

Apple’s planned new corporate campus (photo gallery) is the perfect opportunity for it to celebrate the dent that it created in the universe.

Apple Campus 2 - Jason O'Grady

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David’s article on Forbes

More than Steve Jobs: Why Apple Deserves A Museum

David Coursey, Contributor  – TECH – 3/31/2012 @ 7:40PM

Please indulge me a moment and imagine that I’m standing at a podium. I’m also in front of a large group of assembled people. So, OK, thanks, here I go –

“Hi, my name is David, and I’m . . . an Apple fanboy.”

First there’s shocked silence, then applause starts quietly and builds to a thundering volume. There, I did it . . . I admitted it.

This is a guest post by computer historian David Greelish

Even better, I’m not alone, there are many others. My little visual here is not to imply that myself or others have a problem, but that there are plenty of serious Apple fans around. We love the products, and many of us love, or at least have a high regard for, the company.

I live on the east coast, but I have been to Silicon Valley twice; visiting the “mothership” was a must-do for me. Perhaps you might feel the same way. It’s exciting for us fans, though all you can really do is park, take pictures out in front of the main 1 Infinite Loop building, and the Apple sign near the street, then visit The Company Store.

It’s a special treat as they don’t sell Apple devices, they sell logoed items not found anywhere else. I don’t know if I would go so far as to call my visit a pilgrimage, but it was a top priority for me, if I was going to be anywhere near Silicon Valley.

So now let’s ponder that new Apple campus that Steve Jobs announced to the Cupertino City Council in June of last year. It’s set to open sometime in 2015. It’s just beautiful and very unique, as Apple has reversed the typical ratio of 80% building to 20% landscaping to just 20% building and 80% landscaping!

It definitely looks like a sort of flying saucer, or more accurately, a flying ring. I know I’ll want to visit this campus one day and I’m sure even more fans will also want to as well. Plus, architects, artists, students, tourists, and the just plain curious. The new campus will become a mainstream destination and Apple needs to realize this, and more importantly, embrace it.

I have what I think is a great idea, and this article serves as a vehicle to plant the seed of this idea, hopefully even to Apple’s leadership team. First though, and in all frankness, a corporate museum is something that Steve Jobs himself had been against. He certainly would have continued to be so, if he was still living, but that’s another key consideration.

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Computers Go To War

Computers Go to War (WWII)