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Computing Without Bits!

Computing W/O Bits

At our August 18th (2pm) meeting, Brian Stuart will present:

Computing Without Bits!

Before the PDP-1, before the UNIVAC, before the ENIAC, there were differential analyzers. These analog computers solve differential equations without bits or bytes. This time, we will look at how electronic analog computers work and how they are used. Then we will see a real analog computer in action, integrated with a modern digital computer.

Brian will also be bringing the 6809 single board computer, which he just designed and built!

Next, David Greelish will give us a short slide show of highlights from the KansasFest event he just attended.

It’s all happening at the Atlanta Historical Computer Society meeting on Saturday, August 18th at 2pm, here:

Directions to Meeting @ CTL – (Use the door at the far left of the front of the church.)

With the analog computer demo, 6809 SBC, KansasFest slideshow and all of you fine folks, this should be another great event!

At our July 21st (2pm) meeting: AHCS GAME DAY!

It’s our very first Game Day — A hands-on fun fest, where we get to play with all the toys! Bring your favorite vintage computer-based games for everyone to have fun with. Own some aliens! All are welcome — vintage personal computers, hand helds, video consoles, there’s even a rumor of a mechanical computer 🙂

The first pgm to name the ten classic games represented in the pic gets extra hp’s!

We’ll have a couple of video projectors there to accent the fun but it’s a good idea to bring your own monitor, too. It’s all happening at the Atlanta Historical Computer Society meeting on Saturday, July 21st at 2pm, here:

(Use the door at the far left of the front of the church.)

Gonna be a blast! Just watch out for flying gibs 🙂

How to Create Apple II System Disks from a PC

Raj Wurttemberg will be demonstrating the use of the Apple Disk Transfer program to create Apple II system disks for Apple DOS 3.3 and Apple Pro DOS. Raj will be using a PC (Windows or Linux) to act as a disk server for an Apple II or //gs. ADTPro uses a serial connection between the PC and the Apple II to bootstrap the Apple and transfer the ADTPro program from the PC to the Apple computer. The only special equipment needed is a SuperSerial II card in the Apple II computer.

Computer Kit Presentations at the Meeting

I’m pleased to announce that, in addition of Raj’s main presentation (see above), we will be having two short presentations of kit computers from Alan Hightower and Jim Kempthorne. Alan is bringing an N8VEM Zeta SBC and Jim is bringing a Briel 8800micro. It has been proposed that we do something with a computer kit as a workshop or club project. In any case, it’s fun to find out about these products and talk about them.

  • The N8VEM Zeta is a Z80 based single board computer which is software compatible with the N8VEM original. That machine was designed as a classic style microcomputer and it spawned lots of software support and peripheral boards. If you have longed for a classic Z80 computer, this would be an easily and inexpensive way to get one.
  • The Briel 8800micro is a small working model of the Altair 8800, using an ATmega8515 microcontroller to emulate the 8080A microprocessor. It has a front panel with functionality similar to the original Altair 8800 and is software compatible with the original. If you always wanted an Altair but can’t justify their stratospheric prices today, the 8800micro is affordable and available.

The two machines are seen on right.

So c’mon all you game-kiddies and arm chair computer historians!  Git yer hands dirty!  Let’s build hardware!  ‘Nuff o’ this pussy-footin’ around with appliances. Are we not MEN?  I love the smell of solder in the morning!

Don’t forget that it’s this Saturday, June 9th, at 2pm here:

(Use the door at the far left of the front of the church.)

All about the Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III

When the TRS-80 Model III was introduced in July 1980, Radio Shack’s line of TRS computers was king of the PC industry. Touted as the most affordable business computer, the Model III was arguably the apex of the Shack’s early computer offerings. Even Isaac Asimov had one! Brad Arnold is going to give us an in-depth look at this ubiquitous machine at the Atlanta Historical Computer Society meeting on Saturday, May 19th, at 2pm.

We will also get a first look at Brad’s new computer media collection, which is being made an AHCS club project. You are most welcome to bring historic computer media to contribute or just for show and tell.

This is a critical time in the growth of our club, so it’s very important that we all turn out. So yall come, ya heah? 🙂

Computer Movie Stars

Computers which starred in classic sci-fi movies, helped to shape the dreams and perceptions of modern day computers. See your favorite Computer Movie Stars, (that’s the machines, not the wetware!) at our next Atlanta Historical Computer Society meeting on Saturday, April 28th at 2pm.

Dave, Brad and Steve are going out on a limb to present clips of their picks for the most interesting ones from classic films.

So come prepared to argue for your favorites in the lively discussion that’s sure to ensue!