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Last Meeting (May 21th)

Our last meeting was May 21st at the regular location (Christ the Lord Church) Thanks to Jeff Stokes on a very detailed and wonderful job of relaying the insides of all things CP/M.   When he has a complete set of instructions ready to post, we will included a link here. Overall, he covered how to get software/files onto your CP/M machine. He demonstrated an easier (compared to making your own floppies) way to get software/files onto your real CP/M machine from your PC using a NULL Modem cable, a CP/M Terminal program like MODEM901.COM or IMP.COM, CP/M Emulators and serial server software running on Windows/Linux/Raspberry Pi. He showed that you can also logon to BBSs on the internet using this setup. One of the details that he pointed out is that you definitely need to know what kind of serial port it has.  Does it have a UART chip or is it CP/M SIO software driven?  This information is needed in order to assemble/link a working terminal program for it. CP/M software needs to be re-compiled in a lot of instances to run on the various machines.  Jeff demonstrated  two main ways  to do this.  If you ask, he can provide copies of the SW he used (maybe at our next meeting if you weren’t able to get it at this meeting.)  

VCF SE 4.0 Starts April 2nd!

The Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 4.0 is this coming Saturday, April 2nd, 10 AM – 7 PM, and Sunday  10 AM – 7 PM. Full details can be found at: Here’s some recent press the show has received:,89980? We hope to see you at the show!

Meeting Reminder…

A reminder… we meet this Saturday…March 19th

We are  planning on meeting at the site of VCF SE 4.0 (the old CompUSA) to set up the stage (bring hammers), go over plans for VCF SE 4.0 and make sure we’re all ready for the show.
See this site for information about the show: VCF SE 4.0

Our next couple meetings…

Our next meeting is set for March 19th

We are tentatively planning on meeting at the site of VCF SE 4.0.
We will do some prep work for the upcoming show.
See this site for information : VCF SE 4.0
Our April Meeting will take place April 16th at our regular meeting place:
Christ the Lord Lutheran Church, in the Fellowship Hall.
Christ the Lord Lutheran Church is located at 1001 Duluth Highway (State Route 120) at McKendree Church Road in the city of Lawrenceville, GA (30043-7309). We are between Route 316 and Interstate 85.  Directions
Meetings start @ 12:00 pm and run until 5 pm. Drop-ins welcome!

Contact: Brad Arnold

Maker Fair! October 3-4 in Decatur

Check out our interview on Tyrue by  on September 24, 2015. We will be back at Maker Faire Atlanta 2015 this weekend with a bigger focus on gaming for demonstrating computers as well as our famous how-to solder station. Come join us for a fun, learning and a trip down memory lane.